This Way Up

Donor: Dance4life Netherlands/Comic Relief

Period: January 2019 – Dec. 2020

Results: A total of 4735 young people (10yrs-18yrs) including 2059 males and 2676 females in the Talensi District in the Upper East Region and Tamale Metro in the Northern region of Ghana were reached and empowered and gained important life skills and competencies including improved confidence, ability to identify and challenge social norms, and gender-equal attitudes. They have been empowered to be self-confident to practice safe and healthy sexual behaviour. Local peer facilitators, aged 19-25years old called Champions4Life gained improved confidence and facilitation skills as peer facilitators.

Situation Problem:     Unsafe sex is one of the fastest growing and biggest health risks for young people worldwide. In-school 10-14-year old girls and boys in Talensi and Tamale Metro districts in Ghana face multiple risks related to unsafe sex. One in three girls in the Northern region marries before she is 15 (Demographic Health Survey, 2014) and 38% of adolescent girls have experienced sexual violence (Ghana Statistical Services, 2016).  SRHR knowledge and awareness about harmful gender norms is low. Many young people lack the life skills, confidence, and decision-making skills, as well as accurate and evidence-based information needed to make informed decisions. In short, they are not empowered to practice safe and healthy sexual behaviour, contributing to health risks but also higher risk of dropping out of school. Traditional norms among duty bearers and service providers constitute another barrier for young people’s SRHR, and local peer facilitators may not have sufficient skills to deliver efficient programs. There is a need to build on the recent pilot project and scale current efforts in Ghana to address this.


Response Solution:    The Journey4life model was used to empower young people (10-14yrs) to be confident, change attitudes and challenge negative social norms to reduce sexual and gender based violence, HIV and AIDS, STIs and unplanned pregnancies among young people in Ghana. The Journey4Life is an evidence-based and innovative youth empowerment curriculum that uses dance, music and youth culture to improve Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of young people. The model was complemented by facilitation of recorded radio drama in communities.

Get UP Speak Out ( GUSO)

Donor: Curious Minds/Dance4life Netherlands

Period: July 2016 – Dec. 2020

Results: Reached and empowered 6748 young people, mainly basic school pupils to get up and speak out for their sexual and reproductive health and rights which resulted in increased access to services, reduced STIs and unplanned pregnancies among young people in Tamale Metro and Talensi District. Over 487 adults were sensitized to create the enabling environment that supports young people sexual and reproductive health issues.

Situation Problem:     The northern region is one of the three poorest regions of Ghana with a fast growing population that has a high illiteracy rate.  Tamale is the regional capital with Islam as the predominant religion. Unplanned and unwanted teenage pregnancy occasioned by little

knowledge of SRHR among young people is high. Other health and social concerns such as early, child and forced marriages, sexual violence, STIs, FGM, obstetric fistula and HIV and AIDS are also rife in the area. These conditions are compounded by the low empowerment of young people to speak out for their rights.


Response Solution: TfSC empowered young people through information, education and skills development to make them self-assertive to protect their sexual reproductive health and rights and speak for their rights. Young people were empowered through the four step approach of activate, inspire, education and celebrate. This was complemented by interactive theatre performances to create awareness on sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people. The four step approach was replaced with the Journey4life model in the last 2 years of the project.

Access Services and Knowledge (ASK)

Donor:  Dance4Life/Curious Minds

Period: 2013 – 2015

Results: Reached over 15,000 young people in 20 Junior High School with Sexual and reproductive health and rights education.


Situation Problem:      Young people in Ghana lack access to the right and appropriate information and services on their sexual and reproductive health and rights. They fall victim to manipulators who abuse them sexually or deny them of their rights including their fundamental human rights. They get information and services from peers who themselves lack the appropriate knowledge on sexual and reproductive health and rights.


Response Solution:     Educated young people between the ages of 10-24 in Ghana through the Dance4 life four steps youth development approach (Inpsire, Educate, Activate and Celebrate). The project sought to improve Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) for young people between the ages of 10-24 in Ghana.

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