Theatre for Cholera Project

Theatre for Cholera Project




September 2015 – March 2016


71 locations across 6 communities

Theatre for Cholera Project


Reached 14,408 people (including children and young people) in 71 locations across 6 communities with cholera and Ebola awareness information, education, and knowledge. The implementation succeeded and the awareness was sustained.

This led the people to adopt safe hygiene and better sanitation practices and as a result fewer air-borne and food-borne diseases.

Many people signed onto UNICEF-Ghana’s “Agoo hotline/SMS service” and further cholera outbreaks were avoided in subsequent years in those communities.

Situation Problem

The people living and working in poor urban communities (Agbogbloshie, Dome, James Town, Labadi, Madina, and Osu) of the Greater Accra region In Ghana were in a state of panic after 2014 and 2015 outbreaks of cholera that had caused 200 deaths. The Government was faced with having to provide the people with access to clean water, good sanitation facilities, and good access to health services, whilst it was anxiously preparing to prevent the Ebola outbreak that had affected other West African countries.

Response Solution

UNICEF –Ghana conducted a survey through Ghana Health Services to reduce and prevent the incidence of Cholera and Ebola further outbreaks of cholera among children and young people in identified 6 hot spots in Agbogbloshie, Dome, James Town, Labadi, Madina, and Osu in Ghana. 

Theatre for Cholera Project was designed by UNICEF-Ghana and implemented by Theatre for Social Change with Ghana Health service as ongoing reflective education to increase people’s knowledge of Cholera and Ebola (transmission modes, preventative practices, and treatment); promoting positive behavior change around risky hygiene practices; and facilitating their access to health information through UNICEF-Ghana’s ‘Agoo’ hotline and alert service.

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