Urban Sanitation Programme to End Open Defecation

Urban Sanitation Programme to End Open Defecation




June 2018 – March. 2019


Ashaiman, Ho and Tamale Metro

Urban Sanitation Programme to End Open Defecation


Trained 129 volunteers in interactive theatre (drama) performance and enhanced sustainability across the communities in Ashaiman Municipal, Ho Municipal, and Tamale Metro.

 579 people signed up to construct their own household toilets (HHT).

Reached 6610 people with information, education, and knowledge on the benefit of HHT.

The People developed an interest in HHT and

improved sign-ups for credit for the construction of their own household toilets.

It improved the visibility and the awareness of the UNICEF Urban Sanitation Programme at various community levels and strengthened the community-wide self-inquiry into sanitation behaviors and practices through interactive theatre performances which re-lived the experiences of the people and suggested solutions to overcoming the challenges.

Open defecation in the various communities was reduced considerably through the demand for the construction of their own household toilets among people in the communities.

Situation Problem

The potential for the spread of sanitation-related diseases like cholera and typhoid is high including fatalities considering the continuous existence of the following risk factors: open defecation, inadequate supply of safe water; poor food and personal hygiene, and poor liquid and solid waste disposal among People living and working in poor urban communities in Ghana. High rates of irregular or no school attendance mean that children and young people in such communities are ill. This requires a community-based intervention to address such poor access to clean water, poor sanitation facilities, and limited access to health services.


Response Solution

Conceptualized, developed, and drafted drama scripts for the approval of UNICEF Ghana C4D and beneficiary municipalities.

Trained community volunteers to perform the developed scripts in their communities. Performed exciting and innovative community-based drama and skits in 3 MMDAs aiming to promote capacity building and social change by creating awareness, practical skills, and knowledge strengthening of communities on best sanitation practices and business opportunities and hence creating demand for the construction of household toilets and to improve sanitation in 3 municipalities (Ho, Tamale, and Ashaiman)

End Open Defecation

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