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Ibrahim Yaminu Zulaiha

A smart and energetic young lady who completed Kumbungu senior high school in the Northern Region. I come from Tamale in the Northern region of Ghana. Growing up, being a change maker has always been my dream. In my quest to do so, I became a volunteer for Theatre for Social Change. I was trained as a community facilitator and a reach for change ambassador. Through this training and coaching, I have been able to bring change to the lives of many young people in Tamale and its environs. I have a passion for advocacy and through this volunteerism with Theatre for Social Change, I have had the opportunity to advocate for the Sexual and Reproductive Health And the Rights of young people. I can confidently say I possess the right attitude, skills, and knowledge to make a change in my community. I have engaged with the younger people in my community to make it a reality. Being a youth advocate has exposed me to a number of experiences as well as challenges confronting the youth, especially coming from a region where EARLY CHILD MARRIAGE, TEENAGE PREGNANCY, CHILD LABOR, and ILLEGAL ABORTION is rampant and access to BASIC EDUCATION is low, hindering development. This has always made me want to do more for social change.

Isaac Adjei

I am a volunteer at Theatre for Social Change (TfSC). I was born in Adenta but come from La in the Greater Accra Region. I joined TfSC in the year 2020 on a Polio project partnered by UNICEF Ghana and supported by Ghana Health Service. I participated in COVID-19 Project, ASRH and an ongoing Lead project. As a volunteer at TfSC, I helped in raising awareness, bringing change and impacting lives in the area of Polio, COVID-19 Vaccine uptake, creating enabling environment for Adolescent and preventing Lead poison.Through TfSC I have become so proud to say that a lot of changes and improvement has been made to my life, family and community as a whole. I have learnt how to help promote or bring change to improve our nation Ghana. I have also realized that education through drama performance is the most effective tool in behavior change. As TFSC volunteer, I encourage all behaviour change promoters to partner with TfSC, adopt their methodology and together lets make Ghana a safe place to be.

Ndaan Charity

 A champion for life in Talensi District. My dream is to have a world where all young people choose to live healthily and speak for their rights. I love to speak for the less privileged especially young people on SRHR issues which they are ignorant of and often lead them to unplanned pregnancies, teenage pregnancies, early marriages, and school dropout. This motivated me to join TFSC so that my voice can be heard. Through TfSC, I have been able to empower more young persons especially those between the ages of 10-14 years on their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the Talensi District. With the help and training of TfSC. I had another opportunity to sensitize parents through a recorded radio drama with my co-champions as far as Gender base violence, Unplanned pregnancy, and its implication is concerned. I have gained leadership skills, self-confidence, and now a role model to young people especially the girls in my community.

Peter Badu

A volunteer at Theatre for Social Change and lives in Kumasi. I’m very interested in helping people. It just seem a privilege to help someone, you might not see the person again. Helping them gives a reminder and everlasting friendship that’s why I choose to join Theatre for Social Change. What I’ve realized after joining theatre for social change was that most people are ignorant and naive about the things they do and the impact it has on them. By educating them in a pleasant way, they change and choose the right way. As I’ve said earlier, it also a privilege to save life

Rahama Abukari

An ambitious young lady who hails from Kumbungu in the Northern part of Ghana. I am very passionate about women’s development and for that matter volunteered with TFSC in empowering women and the youth at large. TFSC has played a tremendous contribution to my leadership journey. I volunteered with TFSC as a Champion4life under the Dance4life program. I facilitated the journey4life models to Junior High School students in rural communities in my region to educate them on issues relating to their Sexual and Reproductive Health and rights (SRHR). This particular journey has built my leadership skills such as my confidence, communication skills, and also an intensive knowledge of issues relating to the Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of young people. I aspire to further my studies in the area of development to help solve certain societal problems in my community and region at large.

David Tagoe

A volunteer at Theatre for Social Change. I love to act, sing and dance. My dream is to become young people’s advisor, to educate and change negative attitudes in communities. Fascinated by theatre and the unique tool of interactive theatre for attitudinal and behavior change, I joined Theatre for Social Change (TfSC) in 2003. As a volunteer, I have acted against teenage pregnancy, stereotypes, gender-based violence, and sexual and reproductive health problems in communities. My confidence is boosted and my Knowledge deepened by training and volunteering at TfSC.


Suhuyini Karmil

 I am an activist and a researcher who is focused on advancing equality, especially for the most vulnerable in society. I joined TFSC because of their mission; empowering young people through interactive theatre. As a volunteer, a peer educator and a facilitator on adolescent reproductive health for junior high school students in the Northern Ghana, I am able to start conversations about sex, gender norms and harmful gender stereotypes. Not only have I become more confident, I have become well versed in all issues concerning Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). Other young people are more assertive and are willing to access youth friendly services because of the good works of TfSC in my community. The youth are also beginning to understand, appreciate gender stereotyping how toxic it is and also believe in equal rights and opportunities for everyone irrespective of gender.

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